Origin of Alaska dog

Origin of Alaska dog

According to the research documents, the Husky dog originated from Northeastern Siberia in cold Russia. This is the area that produced many famous dog species and then they were brought to the American Alaska lands. From here, this breed was bred to work, sled because they have the ability to run very fast and strong. However, after that people here did not raise husky for that purpose, but instead adopted it as a domestic pet. Until now, Husky is still classified as the typical pet of Siberian land.

The Husky was recognized by  the American Breed Dog Association (AKC)  in 1930 as  “the Arctic Husky “. Until 1991, they were officially renamed  Husky Sibir  with the meaning that this breed originated from Siberia – Russia.

That name is associated with the Husky until the present time. Another name is the Husky Wooly (or Wooly Husky) to refer to the likely Husky breed that has been crossbred with Alaska dogs.

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